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How To Make Hair Silky and Smooth in one Week 2020 methods

So Are you Searching For The Right Method or Technique Which will Help You To make your Hairs Silky ! Here In This Article we will Discuss How to Make hair Silky and Smooth Naturally And Unnaturally ways 🙂

how to make hair silky and smooth 2020

So Are you Ready To make your Hairs Silky 🙂 Yes Then Go Down We Have Shared Some Helpful Tips That will Start Giving you Results in one Week.

But But keep That in Mind You Follow These Steps Regularly and Honestly to Get Silky and Smooth hairs

How Ever It Depends on hair To Hair To Observe Results or Changes in Hairs. If your hairs are Thick and More Like Curly Then it may Take more time But Don’t Worry You Gonna Get Better Results 🙂

Still Don’t Believe ? take A Picture of your hairs Now and Take Another one After Trying These methods.

How To Make/Get Silky Hair The Real Methods

So Let’s Start The main Thing that is Getting Silky Hairs 🙂

We all Know We Can get Silky Hairs naturally And Unnaturally Right ? But What are its advantages and Disadvantages ?

It is Important and You should know The Consequences for Getting Silky Hairs with Unnatural ways ( Chemical Products ).

How to make hair silky and straight naturally

Things Required to get Silky Hair Naturally

you Don’t Need to Spend Money To Get your Hairs silky and Smooth Because We Will Share natural Methods that are totally Free of Cost.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut Oil
How To Make Hair Silky and Smooth in one Week

Aloe Vera Is Gold For Humans it has no Negative Impacts. It works for many Things – Have Pimple ? Apply Aloe vera and your Pimple will say Bye Bye To Your Skin 🙂

Same Goes With Hairs too Aloe vera is important To Get Silky Hairs and Long Hairs. All you Have to do is collect the gel from the leaf and make it smooth.

Now Apply It On Your Hairs for 30-45 Minutes and wash your Hairs with cold Water.

Coconut Oil

How To Make Hair Silky and Smooth in one Week
how to make hair silky

Another Good Thing Available is Coconut Oil But make sure you use Pure coconut oil without any mixing Chemical.

How Coconut oil will make your Hair Silky ?

Coconut oil Provide Nourishment to Your Hairs and it Has certain Ingredients in it that will make your hairs look Shiny and Strong.

  • Heat The Coconut oil for 2 minutes.
  • Apply it On Your Hairs and wait For 30 Minutes.
  • Try To Cover Hairs with Towel or Any Hot Cloth.

How To Get Silky Hairs Without Using Any Product ?

Well These are Some methods that you need to Follow in your Day To Day Life.

So will You Follow These Steps ? These are Very Simple

  • Use Blow Dryer After you take Bath.
  • use wooden Comb.
  • Aways massage your hairs with Oil – Coconut or Olive.
  • Cool Water is Good For Hairs And Eyes So Wash Your Hairs with Cool Water.

There are two Ways To Get Silky and Smooth Hair

  • Natural way
  • UnNatural Way ( Chemical Products + More Money )

So Which is Best ? Of Corse The Natural Way Buy Why ?

Because natural Ways Increases your hair Life and make them Longs and Silky. Yes it takes time to get Results from natural methods But They are Evergreen Safe Methods.

While Unnatural Ways Are using Chemical products But they are harmful.They Will Surely give Glow to Your Hairs But Not for Long Time Probably for 6 Months or 8 Months And Again you have to Spend Money to get Silky hairs.

So it’s Better To Go For Natural Ways.

Some FAQ’s Related to Your Queries

How to make Hair silky permanently ?

Well What if We tell that your Can’t get Silky hair Permanently ! yes If your hairs are not Silky and Smooth From Starting then You Can make them silky With Natural Methods and other Hair Products But They Are Temporary.

Using hair Products or Chemical ways can make your hair looks silky for maximum 6-8 Months while natural Stays for 3-4 Months.

if you Don’t Care your Hairs They Will get Damaged ( if you Go For Chemical products).


Hope These methods will give You better Results and Soon You Gonna have Silky and Smooth Hairs 🙂 We Request you to Follow These Steps To get Effective Results.


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